Friday, November 24, 2017

PBL Insect

I did a unique butterfly it is a short butterfly it  as eyes on the back and legs to it is just hidden. blended in the black and blue to make it look better and have more dines and affect.
What I made it out of? I made it out of  paper mache  and cardboard and pipe cleaner and hot glue and  i used dark pant like black and dark blue and dark gray

 the leering Musial that i used is is the inmagnig Musial i used it because i had to imagine how to make it and it helped me to  get it done but one leg fell off.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

My Special place by Ella

My Special place by Ella
  1. Crashing waves
  2. Hot sand
  3. Very very hot sun
  4. People
  5. The end of the day         

My special place is at the beach under a pink and yellow  umbrella. I could just hear the calm waves crashing together with seagulls, it was lovely. I wish I can go there every day because I  love the beach and I am happy when I am there,  The waves  splash on me and it feels gentle. When they crash against the rocks the water is rough.

When I am going to the  beach, the sand is so hot sand on  my feet but  
when I am in the h my feet cool down. When I  get out of the water all the hot sand  grabbed on me and my feet were burning bad i was jumping around and i jumped in the water with gandules.

The sun was so hot, it nearly made  me faint. The only way I could go out into the sun was under an  umbrella. The water was nice and cold. I wish it would not be this hot, I thought.  I was  so  so  sweaty, I wished I could  make the weather different and it would be a fine  all day but not this hot.
There were over 70 people at the beach.  When I got in the water, it was so packed everywhere when my cousin came. I said to my mum “ I wanna leave now please”’
Mum said “Not now.”   
“OK,” I said. I was so so tired.

At the end of the day me and my cousin and our parents had ice cream. It was yummy. I had strawberry marshmallow and I loved it. My cousin’s name is Addy.  Addy had goody goody gum drops and our parents had passion fruit. We went out for chips and  they were hot so we had to wait for about 5 minutes. They were still hot but it was ok. After all of that. it was finally home time. We went to my house and we played and  played till 7.00pm.         


Tuesday, February 21, 2017

All about me

All about me
My best memory:
My best memory is when i was living in gizzy.It was half garug half house and it is a 2 story. We lived there for 2 years my school was santmyers but i came back to parkvale for 4 years now i am a year 6 at parkvale.When i moved back to parkvale i was in class 5 my teacher was mrs H.

What makes my laugh:
 What make me laugh is getting tickled. When i get tickled  for a long time i laugh out loud.Most of the time my uncle and or my  brother tickle me.It is very easy for me to laugh really loud

Much loved hobby:
 Much loved hobby is going swimming at hilton browns.My coach is Jules i go swimming every friday. We do frogs legs and 1,2,3 bubble brev and back stock.
I am in 25 brever so i have to do 3 laps of 1,2,3 bubble brev and 2 laps of back stock and 3 of frogs legs.

Fun fact:
A fun fact about me is my brother puts pillows on me a lot and Summer and Winter.After we have a pillow fight it is so fun.Sometimes when i am sleeping keegan puts pillows on me and when i get up i wonder why is there pillow on me.My brother sneeks up on me sometimes and chucks pillows on me.

Friday, February 3, 2017

5 thing's About Me

5 thing's  About Me

My favorite color is mint
I love Ginea pigs.
  I love YouTube.
I have 14  friends  
My favorite Youtuber is ihascupquak